Livin’ in a gangsters paradise

What I’m Wearing: Parasuco Denim | Aritzia Pullover | Aldo Pumps | Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

Sometimes the setting sun and farm land background make for the best filter ;)  Actually wore this outfit to help warm the new home of a university friend.  It was quite the trek out to their new place!  The Husband and I live in the city, and my friends house was not even in a suburb but more so in the country (township that wasn’t as well developed as suburb).  Apparently the closest big box store is a 20 min drive from their house!

Currently I’m head over heels obsessed with the DayOne app for the iphone and macbook.  It’s like your private twitter/instagram – so essentially its a digital journal.  That said you can only upload one picture to a post (which differs from my blog) but the amount of text is unlimited.  I’ve been using it quite a bit to work through some thoughts, list my daily gratitude and keep record of cool things I’m up to (its nice because it’s a quick “share” or copy / paste from my favourite social media apps).


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