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Spring Stuff

Polyvoring this set of all the things I’ve been eyeing for the last few months.

1. Whoa, so ready to jump on the Homies Beanie bandwagon
2. In dire need of new runners, why not try Nike Free
3. Not able to make it to any Music fests, but totally down to rock the Mirrored Wafers
4. Too chicken to go for the real thing Inkwear Temp Tattoos
5. The Zara Skort, I’m seeing this on EVERY blog, and now I want one
6.  I’m really wanting to try the BB, CC, DD Creams (open to recommendations)
7.  Head charms are soooo Indian, but rocking them with an OOTD would be awesome
8. Celine Tshirt, yep another bandwagon I need to get on


Winter WANT

WANT…!  (Winter Edition!)

Macbook pro in White
Ipad 4th Generation in White
Celine Paris Tshirt in White
Chanel Sweatshirt in Grey
Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch in Grey
Chunky Link Bracelets
Cross Motif Jewelry



Yesterday I headed over to the big white tent in the middle of the entertainment district to partake in Toronto’s own Fashion Week.  I know it’s nothing like the Paris and New York Fashion Weeks of the World but I’m glad I got to experience and support it.

The first thought that comes to my head about the Melissa Neptop runway show at Master Card Toronto Fashion Week was light airy-flowy-neutral-pastel beach wear.  But definitely loved how she mixed in the bold black on black and my personal favourite striped combinations.

The mushroom bob cuts that all the models had just added to the contrast factor.   It was a balancing act and Melissa Nepton found and worked that middle ground.

Inhaled this delicious coffee macaroon after the show.   Wish I had picked up a few more !



Zara Floral Pants
Black Ankle Boots
Salvatore Ferragamo Flats
Neon Satchel
Neon Pumps
Mint Green Cami
YSL Arty Ring
YSL Tshirt
Deborah Lippmann Lacquer
McQueen Scarf
MK Jet Set Tote
Lace Sleeved Dress