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All along it was a fever

So for the month of April, the Hubz and I gave up eating meat and I went on a self imposed shopping ban (where I told myself I wouldn’t buy clothes, shoes, accessories or make up/cosmetics).  The not-eating-meat bit was just to change up our diet and do a cleanse (or a fast per se) and the not shopping was just to practice some self restrain.  We had numerous reasons to take this on, but it was really about discipline, challenging ourselves and trying something new.  All in all it was a great experience, I would love to do it again (maybe we’ll make it a quarter annual exercise.

Some of the learnings I made during this process were:

1) Vegetarians/Vegans have to plan their dinning outings in advance!

2) It’s not easy to change something you take for granted

3) I appreciate my current wardrobe (shoes, accessories, clothes & purses) more

4) Self discipline = self realization

5) We need a new fruit/veggie blender (vitamix or some other overly priced juicer)

6) Whole and raw, is better than, over cooked and mashed to an oblivion

7) I can actually sprinkle chili flakes on my food (not sure what I was so afraid of), I like grapefruit and I learned how to pop popcorn in a pot

8) It might be time for a nail polish cleanse

9) Vegan is what I am when I don’t eat meat

10) How to bake without eggs

What I’m wearing: Spring Booties | Smart Set Shorts and Shirt | Talula Trooper Jacket


Dill and Bulgor Soup

This was my first attempt ever at making a soup (ok Indian Daals aka Lentils aside).  It was made on the stove top so it was quick enough to make after I came home from work.

I loved this meal because it used fresh ingredients and it was actually fun to make.  I added a few slices of whole wheat baguette on the side.

Chopped Onion, Chives, Cilantro and dry Dill Weed

I’ve been watching a lot of sports with my husband (which also can be interpreted as I don’t mind it when he hogs the remote control :P)  But in all honesty – sports can be a lot of fun to watch.  Especially when the city-you-live-in’s team some how makes it to the play offs!  The one thing that irks me about sports is how these grown men/athletes play to the point where they may end up injuring themselves!   But I do find it inspiring how they can come back to their game so quickly.  I did some quick research on the idea and found some interesting pointers:

1. Maintain a healthy balanced diet: with your regular workout weeks or months away you have to be more careful of what you put into your body, that said…

2. Eat anti-inflammatory foods: something I would never think of but makes total sense! flax seeds, omega-3, turmeric all are good options

3. Keep up with cardio and exercising the non injured area: I’m sure professional athletes have a large support system and team of trainers but still worth while to note

4. Get rest: ie sleep enough so the body can do its thing

5. Stay focused mentally: I would think not working and having a six figure contract hanging over your head would be hard to handle so it makes keep your mind active and engaged.  Also it helps to keep your mind off feeling sorry for yourself

Cooking in the heat

Bulgar Wheat (uncooked)

Red Lentils being inspected by the Hubz

Toss both into the sauté

In goes the water and vegetable broth

Add white chickpeas and spinach, and let simmer…

And voila!

Baking Bend: Dark Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

I kind of got inspired this weekend to pick up on my gym workouts, considering I was taking it at little easy.  But a healthy lifestyle is as much to do with eating clean as it does with training mean. I have a major sweet tooth, that I’m constantly battling – but I figured a healthy home made cookie is better than a store bought processed cookie.  I found this recipe and just had to try it.  I did also use walnuts (not included in original recipe linked above) but I figured it would be an easy add in.

Had some Pomegranate Green Tea in between batches.

Next time I make this I’ll try not to scarf down a dozen cookies before offering any to the Hubz I will use whole wheat flour, extra dark chocolate chips (couldn’t find them this time) and ground flax seed.

I’ve got a war in my mind

A new but welcomed concept to me is combining sun salutations with running.  But require focus of the mind and body so I can see how the two should be partnered.

Something that is not new to me is colour blocking my nails.  So happy that this trend is still around during the winter months.

Sally Hansen – Xtreme Wear Hard as Nails: Lilac Zing & Lacey Lilac

I am going to get back into running …soon… and this time I’ll be playing closer attention to my stretching. In saying that, I plan on swimming tomorrow.  My cross training has to be just as important to me as my focus, stretching, strengthening and running.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year…Can’t believe how quickly the holiday’s went by!  Lately I’ve been lounging in leggings, legwarmers, oversized hoodies, drinking copious amounts of starbucks (I thought I’d try to give up coffee for a January clense…but who am I kidding) and lurking tumblr for fashion, food, fitness…

I signed up for the hardest 5k race in Toronto (well at least its the hardest in my opinion).  The race is before our unofficial wedding season … so I won’t be limping to any post race wedding receptions (thankfully).

Here are some pictures I managed to capture over the holidays…enjoy