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You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down

Ahhhh Finally some nice warm weather to enjoy.  Got my hands on the ever popular Zara Culotte Skort  – got some interesting comments on them (looks like a napkin or an apron) but I can’t get over the oragami style and the fact that they are soooo comfy!

What I’m Wearing: Zara Skort & Tshirt | Unbranded Necklace | MK Watch | Bangles from the P.A.T.H

Actually wore this to do some hosting for our families this Father’s Day.  Other than that, spent majority of the weekend cooking!  Soup, Fish Tacos, Melted Cookies with Ice Cream, Home Made Meatballs, Home Made Pasta Sauce and lots of Mangos from our fav Mango Lady in ChinaTown.  I think I need to go on a model diet for the next two weeks…


Green Light in my eye

I’m a life long learner in every way.  Mistakes help us grow and learn from “mistake experience” from a different perspective.

What I’m wearing: Talula Trooper Jacket | Aldo Booties | AA Leggings | Mendocino Denim Button up

The trick is…………… not to make the same mistake twice!

Love Puffs

Follow your dreams.

What I’m Wearing: Mendocino Hi Lo Midi Dress | H&M Denim Jacket | Aldo Wedges | Purse from Pushkar (India)

How many times have you heard that?  Does it go through one year and out the other?  For me yes it did…well up until about 2 years ago.

I heard someone say something that has kind of stuck with me: “Follow your dreams and what your heart is telling you …<pause> but <longer pause> …plan.”

I always gravitate towards people who have been lucky enough to do what they love for a living. Mainly for the inspiration and motivation. Those people are the luckiest! To be able to get up and have the feeling “I can’t wait to get to work”.

Alien feelings we have to accept

We are all in the same game
Just different levels
Dealing with the same hell
Just different devils

– Big D

What I’m wearing: Top Shop Flats | Unbranded Jeans & Knitwear | Zara Jacket | Aldo Sunnies | Balenciaga Bag

I found this quote on instagram a few weeks ago – and it’s the best way to describe how we (as people, community, generation etc) deal with struggle.  I do know some people are able to deal with the same amount of pressure and disheartenment in better ways than others. I use the word better lightly because it’s all relative.  But really when you are in your hell – you gotta find a way to get yourself through it.

Only you can keep yourself motivated and it’s only your eyes that can find the light at the end of the tunnel.  Be good to yourself and stay positive …we all make it.

All along it was a fever

So for the month of April, the Hubz and I gave up eating meat and I went on a self imposed shopping ban (where I told myself I wouldn’t buy clothes, shoes, accessories or make up/cosmetics).  The not-eating-meat bit was just to change up our diet and do a cleanse (or a fast per se) and the not shopping was just to practice some self restrain.  We had numerous reasons to take this on, but it was really about discipline, challenging ourselves and trying something new.  All in all it was a great experience, I would love to do it again (maybe we’ll make it a quarter annual exercise.

Some of the learnings I made during this process were:

1) Vegetarians/Vegans have to plan their dinning outings in advance!

2) It’s not easy to change something you take for granted

3) I appreciate my current wardrobe (shoes, accessories, clothes & purses) more

4) Self discipline = self realization

5) We need a new fruit/veggie blender (vitamix or some other overly priced juicer)

6) Whole and raw, is better than, over cooked and mashed to an oblivion

7) I can actually sprinkle chili flakes on my food (not sure what I was so afraid of), I like grapefruit and I learned how to pop popcorn in a pot

8) It might be time for a nail polish cleanse

9) Vegan is what I am when I don’t eat meat

10) How to bake without eggs

What I’m wearing: Spring Booties | Smart Set Shorts and Shirt | Talula Trooper Jacket

Livin’ in a gangsters paradise

What I’m Wearing: Parasuco Denim | Aritzia Pullover | Aldo Pumps | Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

Sometimes the setting sun and farm land background make for the best filter ;)  Actually wore this outfit to help warm the new home of a university friend.  It was quite the trek out to their new place!  The Husband and I live in the city, and my friends house was not even in a suburb but more so in the country (township that wasn’t as well developed as suburb).  Apparently the closest big box store is a 20 min drive from their house!

Currently I’m head over heels obsessed with the DayOne app for the iphone and macbook.  It’s like your private twitter/instagram – so essentially its a digital journal.  That said you can only upload one picture to a post (which differs from my blog) but the amount of text is unlimited.  I’ve been using it quite a bit to work through some thoughts, list my daily gratitude and keep record of cool things I’m up to (its nice because it’s a quick “share” or copy / paste from my favourite social media apps).

Don’t know how it’s gonna end how far you gonna bend

Participated in the ever popular adult activity last weekend – the potluck!  Its always nice to break bread with friends and get caught up.

What I wore: Express Skirt | Aldo Booties | Aritizia Pullover

You can’t really tell from the pictures (I was obviously having too much fun posing and didn’t care to focus on the details on the outfit :P) but the tribal pattern on this skirt is actually made up with sequin.  I got quite a few comments for pairing a sequin skirt with a sweatshirt.  But hey…I was going more for stretchy chic!