All along it was a fever

So for the month of April, the Hubz and I gave up eating meat and I went on a self imposed shopping ban (where I told myself I wouldn’t buy clothes, shoes, accessories or make up/cosmetics).  The not-eating-meat bit was just to change up our diet and do a cleanse (or a fast per se) and the not shopping was just to practice some self restrain.  We had numerous reasons to take this on, but it was really about discipline, challenging ourselves and trying something new.  All in all it was a great experience, I would love to do it again (maybe we’ll make it a quarter annual exercise.

Some of the learnings I made during this process were:

1) Vegetarians/Vegans have to plan their dinning outings in advance!

2) It’s not easy to change something you take for granted

3) I appreciate my current wardrobe (shoes, accessories, clothes & purses) more

4) Self discipline = self realization

5) We need a new fruit/veggie blender (vitamix or some other overly priced juicer)

6) Whole and raw, is better than, over cooked and mashed to an oblivion

7) I can actually sprinkle chili flakes on my food (not sure what I was so afraid of), I like grapefruit and I learned how to pop popcorn in a pot

8) It might be time for a nail polish cleanse

9) Vegan is what I am when I don’t eat meat

10) How to bake without eggs

What I’m wearing: Spring Booties | Smart Set Shorts and Shirt | Talula Trooper Jacket


Dill and Bulgor Soup

This was my first attempt ever at making a soup (ok Indian Daals aka Lentils aside).  It was made on the stove top so it was quick enough to make after I came home from work.

I loved this meal because it used fresh ingredients and it was actually fun to make.  I added a few slices of whole wheat baguette on the side.

Chopped Onion, Chives, Cilantro and dry Dill Weed

I’ve been watching a lot of sports with my husband (which also can be interpreted as I don’t mind it when he hogs the remote control :P)  But in all honesty – sports can be a lot of fun to watch.  Especially when the city-you-live-in’s team some how makes it to the play offs!  The one thing that irks me about sports is how these grown men/athletes play to the point where they may end up injuring themselves!   But I do find it inspiring how they can come back to their game so quickly.  I did some quick research on the idea and found some interesting pointers:

1. Maintain a healthy balanced diet: with your regular workout weeks or months away you have to be more careful of what you put into your body, that said…

2. Eat anti-inflammatory foods: something I would never think of but makes total sense! flax seeds, omega-3, turmeric all are good options

3. Keep up with cardio and exercising the non injured area: I’m sure professional athletes have a large support system and team of trainers but still worth while to note

4. Get rest: ie sleep enough so the body can do its thing

5. Stay focused mentally: I would think not working and having a six figure contract hanging over your head would be hard to handle so it makes keep your mind active and engaged.  Also it helps to keep your mind off feeling sorry for yourself

Cooking in the heat

Bulgar Wheat (uncooked)

Red Lentils being inspected by the Hubz

Toss both into the sauté

In goes the water and vegetable broth

Add white chickpeas and spinach, and let simmer…

And voila!

Livin’ in a gangsters paradise

What I’m Wearing: Parasuco Denim | Aritzia Pullover | Aldo Pumps | Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

Sometimes the setting sun and farm land background make for the best filter ;)  Actually wore this outfit to help warm the new home of a university friend.  It was quite the trek out to their new place!  The Husband and I live in the city, and my friends house was not even in a suburb but more so in the country (township that wasn’t as well developed as suburb).  Apparently the closest big box store is a 20 min drive from their house!

Currently I’m head over heels obsessed with the DayOne app for the iphone and macbook.  It’s like your private twitter/instagram – so essentially its a digital journal.  That said you can only upload one picture to a post (which differs from my blog) but the amount of text is unlimited.  I’ve been using it quite a bit to work through some thoughts, list my daily gratitude and keep record of cool things I’m up to (its nice because it’s a quick “share” or copy / paste from my favourite social media apps).

Eggless Whole Wheat Banana Bread Muffins with Dark Chocolate Centers

Whoa that is a mouthful – and so are these delicious and healthy sweet treats! (That said I only made 12 – so even IF we ate the entire batch in one day I wouldn’t feel guilty we’d eat one portioned muffin a day :P)

Some of the ingredients, note I substituted eggs with Apple Sauce (because we are not eating meat this month – which for us includes eggs, fish etc)

I actually freaked out while I was mixing the batter, because I accidentally added the melted butter to the dry ingredients and I couldn’t get the above consistency.  However this was fixed as soon as I added the apple sauce (and some milk).

Making the chocolate centeres was just a matter of filling the batter half way, putting in a handful of dark chocolate chips, and then filling the rest of the cup with batter.

Something new that I tried, I took thin slices of banana and placed them on top of each cup of batter – it’s a cute decorating idea that I saw on Pinterest.

Glass of water with pieces of lemon, lime and cucumber. A refreshing drink, while I waited for the oven to do its thing!

And voila the finished product!  The Hubz loved them – he even said he felt they tasted better than banana bread made with eggs :)

Don’t know how it’s gonna end how far you gonna bend

Participated in the ever popular adult activity last weekend – the potluck!  Its always nice to break bread with friends and get caught up.

What I wore: Express Skirt | Aldo Booties | Aritizia Pullover

You can’t really tell from the pictures (I was obviously having too much fun posing and didn’t care to focus on the details on the outfit :P) but the tribal pattern on this skirt is actually made up with sequin.  I got quite a few comments for pairing a sequin skirt with a sweatshirt.  But hey…I was going more for stretchy chic!

Chasing Waterfalls

I was listening to the news the other day and there was a report that said Commuter Stress can take a toll on your life.  I’m so thankful that I can walk to work – that said I know the tension that comes from driving to work.   (And then on top of that being in a hectic work environment can’t make it any better).

Just wanted to share some quotes / phrases (mostly found on Tumblr) to keep help keep some perspective and to server as reminder to myself!

Took this picture while sitting in the sun (from my macbook).  Still waiting for the warm weather but throughly enjoying the beaming sunlight mid afternoon and the beautiful colours that paint the sky at sunset.

I’m so cool and I’m so groovy

Looking forward to a quiet weekend.  Need to update my iPod and let the Hubz spoil me a bit :)

What I’m Wearing: Unbranded Jeans | Spring Booties | Talula Trooper Jacket | Lululemon Hoodie | Harvard Tshirt | Chanel Quilted Bag

Maybe I’ll do some baking (remembering to divide out an amount to share so as to not eat it all on my own!).